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S871 Network controller

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Contemporary control systems, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Model number CCSI S871 PC REV D Etched in solder at the extraction edge of the board on the component side
Other number 160 Hnadwritten in black ink on the solder side of the board at the extraction end
Other number EEI E-0-1 Etched on the solder side of the board with a circle around the letters
Other number MX C000D4 Handwritten in ink on an orange sticker on the component side attached to one of the larger intergrated circuits


overall: .875 x 4 5/8 in x 7 in


There are about six rows of integrated circuits and very few passive components. On the top row there is a potted module. There is a two megahertz crystal mounted between the first and second rows. There are two round stickers, one green and one blue, stuck to the upper left integrated circuit at the insertion end. All but one of the integrated circuits have sockets. At the left corner of the component side near the extraction end there is a eight pole DIP switch.




Gift of Warren Yogi

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