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771 Arcnet active hub

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Contemporary control systems, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Model number CSI 771 PC REV B Etched in solder on the component side of the board on to the left on the extraction end
Other number 3 Handwritten in pen on a yellow sticker, that is now detached from the blue component in the bottom row
Other number 4784 Etched in solder on the component side of the board
Other number 7625 Handwritten on a faded white sticker on the right of the solder side toward the extraction end
Other number CI - 1-0 Printed in solder in the middle of the solder side of the board


overall: 7/8 in x 4 5/8 in x 7 1/2 in


The object is a two sided circuit board the traces of which have been covered by a protective material. In rows, starting at the extraction end, there are four BNC connectors and a row of five LED's; below the connectors there are four potted modules, all of which are identical. Following those are four rows of integrated circuits all but one have sockets. In the bottom row there is a blue module that is not plugged in. It is a "TTLDM-50." Interspersed among the integrated circuits are various passive components.




Gift of Warren Yogi

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