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Computer Model 3

Catalog Number



Physical object


1976 ca.


Transactron, Inc.

Place Manufactured

Berkeley, Calif.

Identifying Numbers

Serial number 313 On metal label on back of unit


overall: 13 1/2 in x 9 1/4 in x 17 1/4 in


The front of the unit contains:
- a black rotary knob labeled "KEYBOARD SELECTOR" with positions 1 through 12, and "ALL"
- a key selector switch with positions "STANDBY, REPORT, NORMAL, OVERRING, MANAGER"
- a set of six white push buttons labeled "HOURLY REPORT, DAILY REPORT, PRODUCT MIX, POWER ON, CLEAR DAILY, and CLEAR PRODUCT MIX"
-a clear plastic filter gage with a small white ball inside and "SERVICE" printed in red.

Just above the handle is a black slot where printed paper, from a small drum printer came out when a report was printed. The edges are serrated to help tear-off the strip of paper. The rear of the unit has three rows of four small Molex connectors above two large Molex connectors. The 12 smaller connectors are for keyboards. The larger connectors are intended to allow multiple computers to be interconnected.

A white adhesive label on this rear panel reads "CAUTION SWITCH TO STANDBY BEFORE INSERTING OR REMOVING KEYBOARD PLUGS". If the switch was not in STANDBY mode when keyboards were plugged in, 250V would be connected to the keyboards, and burn them out. The front panel has a black painted rectangle, under which the "McDonalds" logo was printed.




Gift of Robert (Tim) Coslet

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