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SYTEK network interface

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Identifying Numbers

Model number 50/201 Printed on a metal plate in the upper right corner of the back. At the end of this number the one was printed over a pre-existing zero.(The model number, ending in 1 is also printed in white on the front panel)
Other number -01 Handwritten in black marker at the top left-hand corner at the back.
Serial number P8335-010 Stamped onto the metal plate on the top right corner at the back


overall: 10 1/2 in x 19 in x 24 7/8 in


The front panel consists of two black panels of equal size. The bottom of the lower panel slants outward. At the upper right corner are the worlds "LocalNet" followed by the model number. On the part of the bottom panel that slants out, on the left side, there is an off/reset key switch. Next to that is an indicator labeled "POWER ON." Starting from the center of the panel and evenly distributed to the right. Are nine indicators labeled 0-8. All the indicators on the front are written in white ink. This object was designed for rack mounting in a 19 inch rack. On the right side of the right panel there is a round hole for a fan covered with a circular guard. The left side is plain except for the rack rail. On the back a sub panel about 2/3rds as wide as the back is screwed on. Arranged in columns on the bottom of the panel are two spaces for coaxial connectors, one of which is populated. The other has a blank fill. The one that is populated is labeled "RF 1." To the right of those are two metal plates that are permanently attached. Those are both labeled "V.35." to the right of those are two D-shaped cut outs with blank plates inserted from the inside. Those are both labeled "RS 422." To the right of those are two more D-shaped cutouts with plates attached from the inside, which are labeled "RS 232." Below that is a 15-pin female disconnecter. About halfway down the back to the right of the sub panel is a voltage selector switch and a locking plate to hold it in the 110 VAC position. In the bottom right corner of the back panel there is a three pin IEC disconnector. Toward the upper right corner of the upper back panel there is an FCC compliance sticker. There is also a warning sticker on the back panel.




Gift of Allen Kossow

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