Artifact Details


TermiNet 1200

Catalog Number



Physical object


General Electric Company (GE)

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Other number 854-2995 Phone number found on the piece of tape on the front right of the unit
Other number BTL 123855 Stamped on a metal plate on the keyboard, above the keys.
Other number P3706 05 Written in blue ink on a piece of tape on the keyboard, above the keys.
Serial number 1503-41 Found on a label stuck to a piece of tape on the front right of the unit


overall: 11 1/2 in x 18 7/8 in x 29 1/2 in


The object is a terminal with a standard keyboard. Above the keyboard are switches for "all caps" and "auto line feed." On a panel located above the keyboard there are several white push buttons, four toggle switches, between them in a general electric logo, there is a three digit display. On the top toward the front there is a paper feed. Below the paper feed there is a platen, and in front of the platen there is a ruler marked in tenths of an inch. The printer is a continuous belt impact printer. The paper drive is removable. To the rear of the platen a paper guide extends toward the back and there are three movable guides. On the right side there is a small metal grill. On the left side at the rear there is a power switch, a three pronged plug, and 25 pin D-receptacle. On the other side there is a 13 pin D-receptacle and a 13 pin D-plug. Coming out of the far right adjustable paper guide is a clear jacketed two conductor cable terminating in a phone plug. On the back there are vertical ventilating slots and a warning sticker.


I/O/terminal / teletype