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BBN TC 2000 panel

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Physical object


The object is a metal panel with a portrait orientation. On the front of the object are mounted display panels with the following text: "Bolt Beranek Newman" and "BBN TC2000 shared memory multiprocessor; 63 Motorola 88K microprocessors running at 20 MHZ; 1008 megabytes of main memory; 9 gigabytes of disk; Footprint, CPU count, memory and disk capacity will double in January 1991; Peak aggregate machine capacity 2520 MIPS, 2520 MFLOPS. Used for parallel processing research by the Massively Parallel Computing Initiative; LLNL's first large scale Killer Micro powered machine."

Identifying Numbers

Other number 1617365-01 Stamped on the back of the object
Other number 17365-01 REV B Printed on a sticker on the back of the object


overall: 38 1/2 in x 22 in x 1 1/4 in