Artifact Details


Vacuum tube

Catalog Number



Physical object


Electronics, Inc.

Place Manufactured

Newark, N.J.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 1874753 First of many patent numbers printed with white ink around the circumference.
Other number 2W570 Written in fine white ink inside the envelope on the top electrode glass.
Other number D391.83 Written with a black marker on one of the mounting feet.
Part number EL C16J Printed with white ink around the circumference.


overall: 21 in x 6 1/2 in x 4 3/4 in


This is a large glass vacuum tube that has a metal ring and mounting tabs that covers the bottom one-fourth of the envelope. Three leads extend from the ceramic base of tube. One is colored green and is labeled with a 'G'; a second is colored brown and is labeled 'E+'; and a third brown lead which is made up of two conductors is labeled 'E-' Extending from the top of the tube there are two uninsulated conductors surrounded by brown varnished insulation; these connect to the same electrode within the envelope. All leads are terminated with ring lugs.


Component/vacuum tube