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Color PLATO Terminal Prototype

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Physical object


Control Data Corporation (CDC)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 4059 On gummed label on rear panel
Other number 4059 Scratched into paint of back panel


overall: 5 1/4 in x 16 1/2 in x 19 in


Object is a metal box with wood side-panels, offering a keyboard in front. Above the keyboard are buttons labeled "CONSOLE" and "RESET". There are vent holes along the top rear and the rear panel. The rear panel offers a power switch, a female DB-9 connector and both male and female DB-25 connectors.

The keyboard has a normal QERTY layout of brown keys and two groups of function keys colored gray. The central brown keys have lowercase letters on the key tops with colon/semicolon, comma, period, slash and ? keys in the usual locations. It differs from typical in that the apostrophe is shift-7, exclamation mark is in the bottom row over the period, and some of the shift-symbols in the top row are in unusual locations compared to current practice. From left to right the top row is (normal/shifted): 0/<, 1/>, 2/[, 3/], 4/$, 5/%, 6/_, 7/', 8/*, 9/(, =/).

The gray function keys on the left are TAB/CR, Plus (+), Implication (<=), Minus, Divide (./.), Multiply (X). The gray keys on the right are: SUPER, SUB, ANS/TERM, COPY, ERASE, MICRO/FONT, HELP, Quad([]), NEXT, EDIT, BACK, LAB, DATA and STOP.




Gift of Bob Morris

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