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Network server

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Apple Computer Inc.

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Identifying Numbers

Model number Model Num ber M3354 Printed on a label attached to the back right-hand panel
Other number 820-0747-A 1996 In various locations inside the back right-hand compartment
Other number MW62022H5RY Printed on a label attached to the back of the object


overall: 24 1/2 in x 17 in x 20 in


The object is an Apple Network Server 500/132. The beige main cabinet sits on a gray stand with wheels. On the top of the object is a yellow sticker with the text "Works/Rare."

The front right-hand compartment contains the following slots (top to bottom): zip drive (empty), CD 600i (empty), tape (empty), and 5 disk drives (the top drive, which is a Seagate Barracuda SCSI 2-gig drive, is occupied and the others are empty). Attached to the cover of one of the compartments is a sticker reading "what," followed by a trademark symbol.

The front left-hand compartment contains a key-operated on/off switch (no key was found with the object) and an indicator display (function unknown).

The back left-hand compartment, which still opens, contains a fan and provides access to the slots on the front side.

The back right-hand compartment, which also still opens, contains the main logic board (132 mHz). A lithium battery in a BT slot on the main logic board was removed.

On the outside of the back right-hand compartment are various plugs and connectors: speaker, microphone, network, [unknown], Ethernet, and parallel port (possibly for a printer). A key-operated switch on the back right-hand compartment has a warning label: "Warning! Unlocking this panel causes power shutdown." Also on the back right-hand panel is a three-pronged power plug and six empty slots (function unknown).


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop


Gift of Jesse Falk

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