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Object consists of a kit of mounting hardware, probably for the linked CD-ROM drive. (Object name is taken from the lot record, "Case components".) The kit includes: (a) a shaped bezel with a slot for disk insertion, an eject button, and an opening for the drive's audio jack and volume control; (b) a rectangular open bezel with a brown rubberized backing; (c) a rectangular open bezel; (d) a metal slide bracket that would screw to the bottom of the drive and let it slide in the nylon glides; (e) two nylon glides, one left and one right, that screw to the side of the case and carry bracket (d); two spring clips of unknown use; (f) two smaller flat metal clips of unknown use.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 33F4509 Molded inside long edge of one bezel
Other number 33F6029 Molded on reverse of disk bezel
Other number 64F1275BGR Molded inside end of one bezel
Other number 64F4866 Stamped on back of disk bezel in white ink
Other number 64F6037 Molded on one nylon slide
Other number 64F6038 Molded on one nylon slide
Other number 64F6039 Etched on each of two metal clips


overall: 1 in x 9 in x 12 1/2 in



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