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Identifying Numbers

Other number 055 A 'piece number' printed on the same blue Allied Van Lines sticker.
Other number 100 Written in black marker on the white bottom half of a tag whose top half is orange and has 'Quality Assurance Transport' printed in white letters.
Other number 446611 A 'lot number' printed on a blue Allied Van Lines sticker.


overall: 70 in x 30 in x 2 1/4 in


This panel is made from a large sheet of metal on which three shallow metal rectangular braces are placed along the short dimension of the metal. The edges of the metal were then bent over the braces and then bent up (toward the inside of the panel) to form a small lip. The outside of the lips are painted black. Two groups of four rounded rectangular holes are cut in the top and bottom braces. On each side of the top brace, inside the rectangular holes, there are two small slits. One of the slits holds a small thin round disk (about 0.625 diameter and 0.375 high); the other slit is empty. Across the bottom brace there is a 'Z' shaped piece of metal likely intended to go over the lip along the bottom of the enclosure. A screw post is attached above this piece of metal. NOTE: A tag attached to this panel has the inscription "ETA-10?".