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Whirlwind switch panel

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 2013 Written in pencil upper right edge
Other number 2999 Written in pencil upper left edge


overall: 20 in x 40 in x 15 in


Object comprises several switch and button panels mounted as a group on a heavy metal frame. On the left frame member is hand-written in red grease pencil, "Barta Bld Curtis". On the right frame member is hand-written in red grease pencil "A. Curtis Barta Bld".

The upper 2/3 of the panel is occupied by 12 vertical strips of buttons. The leftmost strip has buttons 1 and 0 and a button labeled "ERASE". The next 5 strips have 8 buttons each labeled 0 through 7 (presumably octal addressing?).

The 7th strip has buttons labeled "OCT ADDR." and "DEC ADDR." and a button labeled "EXAMINE SELECTOR". The 8th through the 12th strips have 8 buttons each labeled 0-7 but with other functional labels such as "DF", "SUPP.FLADS", "SCOPE CALIB.", "EXAM DRUM" and so forth.

The rear of the frame presents a plate on which is a 3x19 array of BNC connectors and three long terminal strips. A small paper tag is attached to a wire and reads in pencil, "E1 - MIV".


I/O/console / panel


Gift of the Digital Equipment Corporation

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