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Whirlwind auxiliary power panel

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Serial number 33 Stamped in white on the front panel; also on the back of the front panel and on the top of a daughter chassis.


overall: 18 in x 25 7/8 in x 15 3/4 in


This object consists of a front panel (that serves as the main chassis) on which are mounted two subchasses on its back side. In addition to hardware that holds components on the back side, the following components are mounted on the front panel: a 29-pin male connector, of which 9 pins are greater in diameter than the others; three rectangular metal enclosed relays labeled "K1," "K2," and "K3"; two BNC connectors labeled "J1 SET (INTENSIFY)" and "J2 CLEAR (BLANK)"; A DC kilovolt meter with a range of 0 to 20; a screwdriver-operated lockable potentiometer labeled "BIAS"; a knob operated potentiometer labeled "INCREASE OUTPUT" with an arrow pointing to the right; two incandescent indicator lamps labeled "INDICATE' with a "1" over the left lamp and "0" over the right; a red indicator lamp; a fuse holder; and a toggle switch labeled "POWER ON." At the top left corner, attached to a 0.75 lip around the perimeter of the panel, there is a bracket that extends out about 3.25 inches that curves down to a post 0.5" in diameter that looks like it held a hinged panel. Another similar bracket is included with the object but not attached to it. Three vertical sets of captive screws on each side of the panel are provided for locking the entire unit into a rack; two of the six screws are missing.

On the back of the front panel are mounted: two 2-row screw terminal strips; a solder terminal strip; four 115 V-to-26 V transformers; one larger enclosed unlabeled multitapped transformer, and two subchasses. On the 'top' of the right (looking from the back side of the front panel) vertically-mounted subchassis are two transformers, three tube sockets labeled "7AD7", and a tube socket labeled "3E29." On the other side are mounted three 2-row solder terminal strips that hold the passive components of the circuit. On the back end of this chassis there is a single-row terminal strip for connecting the subchassis to the back of the main panel. There are also two BNC jacks that are labeled the same as those on the front panel. On the top-side of this subchassis there is a screwdriver-operated lockable potentiometer without a label.

The other subchassis is mounted on the left side of the main panel. It consists of an almost totally enclosed metal box with two tube sockets labeled "5881" and "6201," an 8-pin octal socket labeled "INPUT" for connecting this subchassis to the front panel, and a high-voltage socket.




Gift of the Digital Equipment Corporation

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