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Magnetic degausser tape eraser

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Physical object


General Kinetics Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Model number K80 Printed in white on a black background near the center top of the panel.


overall: 23 11/16 in x 21 7/8 in x 13 1/2 in


This object is a blue metal rectangular enclosure with a blue-gray front panel. Each side has slanted ventilation openings that protrude about 0.25" from the side, and the back has similar openings that are horizontal and protrude into the enclosure. The front panel is dominated by a wood, plastic, and metal spindle about 4" in diameter. In the center of the spindle there is a large wing nut. There are three white lamp lenses in the upper left corner, arranged diagonally. The group of lamps is labeled "ERASE INDICATORS," and each lamp is labeled "COIL 1," "COIL 2," and "COIL 3." The manufacturer and model number is painted in the center top of the panel. Below that, there is a white paper sticker with some illegible writing on it. In the upper right corner there is a push button labeled "START." In the very right upper corner there is a silver-blue icon and label which reads "US GOVERNMENT PROPERTY DOE." At the bottom of the back side there is a 16" by 1.5" slit from which a 9' 8" black power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug at the end.

An instruction sheet titled "Weircliffe Magnetic Tape Bulk Eraser model B" accompanies this object and may have been taped to it at one time.




Gift of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

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