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817 magnetic disc

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Physical object

Identifying Numbers

Other number 59494-1 Written in black magic marker on the side opposite the hub.
Other number 83-138-01A Written in black felt tip pen on the hub side and covered with some protective paint; this is the deprecated LLL accession number.
Other number A2 Written in black felt tip pen on the side opposite the hub.


overall: 1 3/8 in x 26 in x 26 in


This is a magnetic disc 26" total diameter with a 9.25" uncoated exposed metal center, to which is bolted a 8.25" diameter hub using four bolts that pass from the other side of the disc. The hub is slightly more than 0.25" thick, with a 0.5" thick extension that is 0.5" wide and 6" outside diameter. There is a 3" diameter hole through the center of the disc for the hub; the hole is surrounded by four 0.5" diameter holes. A small paper blue dot is attached on the hub.


Memory & storage/disk

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