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CDC 1607 magnetic tape system

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Physical object


Object is a cabinet containing four magnetic tape drives. The drives are numbered 1 to 4 from left to right. Each drive has drive spindles top and bottom with a head assembly in the middle. Vacuum columns are behind glass panels to the left and right of the head. Behind each drive is a large cabinet with many small circuit modules. Below each drive is a power supply unit with three transformers and eight vacuum tube sockets.
Drive #1: A short scrap of tape is caught in the head assembly.
Drive #2: A full tape reel is mounted on top, and the tape is threaded through to the take-up reel on the bottom.
Drive #3 has a short piece of tape wrapped around the take-up reel.
Drive #4 has a longer scrap of tape threaded through the head onto the take-up reel.
On the back of each power supply is a foil Ampex label with a serial number and catalog number.
On the back of each power supply people left notes on maintenance performed with dates.
Back of supply #1: "Diodes Checked 2/27/70" and "New Tube 12/13/69."
Back of supply #3: "new tube 5/6/69," "diodes checked 1/23/70," "new overload relay 12/3/70."
Back of supply #4: "new relay 4/27/71"


ca 1969


Control Data Corporation (CDC)

Identifying Numbers

Model number 1607 Label front top left.
Serial number 173 Label back of power supply 3.
Serial number 193 Label back of power supply 1 (left).
Serial number 362 Label back of power supply 4 (right).
Serial number 404 Label back of power supply 2.


overall: 68 in x 90 in x 28 in


Memory & storage/tape


Gift of Jim Payne

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