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Rack of electronics

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Physical object


Rutherford Electronics Company


overall: 68 in x 24 in x 19 in


This record contains one rack of electronics. It is a standard 19-inch rack. On top, there is a stamp that says, "RACK 5 STIMULUS". There are 10 rack-mounted electronic components from top to bottom. The first (at the top) is a precision telemeter test oscillator, HP model 200T. The second is a microwave power meter 18 model 430CR. The third one is a pulse generator by Rutherford Electronics, model B7. The fourth is a Phase and Amplitude Indicator by Wiltron company, model 321. The fifth is a local oscillator by Wiltron, model 323. The sixth is another local oscillator by Wiltron, model 322. The seventh is a blocking oscillator, EP(?) model 210B. The eighth is another blocking oscillator, model 210A. The ninth is another blocking oscillator, model 210A again. The tenth is a time delay and gate generator, electro-pulse model 2220A.