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Brackets and hardware

Catalog Number


Identifying Numbers

Other number 740016-01 Stamped in the metal of the brackets.
Other number REVB01 P1 Stamped in the metal of the brackets.

overall, brackets: 2 in x 4 3/4 in x 2 1/8 in


This record contains two brackets and a bag of hardware. The brackets have a downward bend at one end along the 2.125" dimension but is cut out to be 1.625" wide. The other end is bent up. At this end, the side is also bent up and welded at the corners to form braces. The back side is bent up along most of the width to form a lip about 0.25" high.

The bag of hardware contains: two Phillips pan-head screws 0.75" long and 0.1875" diameter; two Phillips pan-head screws 0.625" long and 0.1875" diameter; two hex-head bolts 1.0" long and 0.25" diameter; four hex-head screws 0.625" long and 0.1875 diameter; two hex-head screws 0.5" long and 0.1875 diameter, one of which also has a lock washer; and two 0.5" hex standoffs into which the hex-head bolts thread. A flat washer is also included.