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Whirlwind in-out delay counter 404

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Identifying Numbers

Other number F2-6 Written in black ink on a white label attached to the lower right corner of the back of the metal panel.
Serial number 32 Engraved in a plastic plate attached to the center of the top of the metal panel.


overall: 8 1/4 in x 26 in x 11 3/4 in


The object is a large metal panel with tube sockets and BNC connectors mounted on top and a phenolic board mounted underneath. It has 9 vacuum tube sockets, four of which are populated. 17 BNC jacks and a multiconductor connector are mounted on the top of the panel around the edges. The string "404 IN-OUT DELAY COUNTER" is engraved in white on a piece of black plastic mounted in the center of the top of the panel as well as the lower right corner of the phenolic board. Most BNC connectors are labeled with engraved plastic labels mounted near each connector. The tubes are labeled with white printing on the panel near each tube socket. The phenolic board mounted to the back of the panel contains numerous studs between which components and interconnecting wiring is mounted. One pair of indicator lights with clear lenses is mounted by a bracket attached to the bottom of the metal panel. A white index card with "NR3701 - BOX 2 - #5 404 Comparison Register 601 Check Register #32, 35" is handwritten in red ink in four lines and taped to the top of the panel.




Gift of Compaq Computer Corporation

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