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Whirlwind vacuum tube module CD

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Serial number 1 Stamped in green ink on the right side of the module.


overall: 3 1/2 in x 5 1/4 in x 9 1/4 in


This plug-in module is formed by an open chassis on three sides and a Bakelite plug with 24 flat contacts on the fourth side. A handle is attached on the end of the chassis opposite the connector. A flange on each side holds a captive screw used for securing the module into one of the positions of the ten-module rack.

One 1 + 6 pin septar base vacuum tube socket is mounted on the same end as the handle. Two phenolic solder terminal strips span the space between the two sides of the chassis to which passive components are soldered. Point-to-point wiring connects the connector, the tube socket pins, and the solder terminal strips. Two wires pass through grommets mounted on the chassis near the tube and connect the plate terminals on top of the tube. A clear plastic shield was mounted on two standoffs located above the tube to prevent accidental contact with these terminals; it is broken off.

The tube complement is one 3E29; the tube is missing .

An index card that says "NR3138 - Box 6 - #16 1 CD 1" written in red ball point pen is attached.


Component/vacuum tube

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