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Automated Tape Library - box without door

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Boulder, CO

Identifying Numbers

Serial number 20278 Stamped on a manufacturer's plate inside on the bottom, near a corner.


overall: 79 in x 34 1/2 in x 63 in


The object is a large box, intended to be one of many joined on their long sides to form an arbitrarily large system. This object is a middle box, with both long sides open. One narrow side is covered by a blank panel.

The opposite narrow side is covered by a panel which has an opening for the arm of a tape handling mechanism to reach outside of the box while holding a tape. This same tape handling mechanism can also reach into the middle of the inside of the box to pass a tape to or from the tape retrieval mechanism inside the system (object 102733743). At the bottom of this side is a door which gives access to the control electronics for the tape handling mechanism.

The inside of the box is lined with racks to hold standard 10.5 inch magnetic tape reels in their cases. There is a bracket on the floor with holes to mount the lower rail for the internal tape retrieval mechanism.




Gift of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

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