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IBM Type 29 Card Punch - Key Punch

Catalog Number



Physical object


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Model number 0029 Stamped on label behind chad box.
Serial number P2380 Stamped on label behind chad box.


This unit has a particle board desk with a QWERTY keyboard positioned on the right side. There are 6 toggle switches above the keys with labels such as "Auto Skip Dup" and "Auto Feed." The card feeder is on the right hand side. The card feeds from right to left. There is a program control drum in the center behind a window. The cards accumulate on the left side in a stacker. There is a chad bin under the desk. The control electronics is relay based.

There is a field service manual in a binder behind the rear door.

There is a DOE LLL (Lawrence Livermore Lab) sticker above the keyboard.


I/O/punched card device