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The object is a tape storage controller that connects to eight peripheral drives. A piece of paper taped to the front of the object reads "Digital Disposal Ctr, Northboro, MA 01532." On the top of the unit is a switch panel with eight toggle switches on the left, labeled with the digits 0 through 7 and positions labeled "ON" and "OFF." On the right are two toggle switches labeled A and B with the positions labeled "ENABLE" and "DISABLE." Below this panel, behind a door, there is a control panel at the top with LED indicators, toggle switches, and nine rotary switches, six of which have positions labeled with the hex numbers 1 through F. Below this panel there are four sections of wire-wrap pins, the lowest of which is behind a panel (the other three are exposed). Two printed stickers are attached to this panel that provide information about the buses and other connections. A photocopied maintenance sheet taped to the inside of the door contains information about tape commands. There is a piece of masking tape on the top left side of the machine reading "KL10 10-1."

Visible from the back of the enclosure behind a door are the back of the top three wire-wrap sections that consist of 30-card card racks; these have removable panels that provide access to the cards. The lowest wire-wrap section consists of connectors for signal wiring to exit the controller into the floor space. This section doesn't have a cover. Mounted in the bottom of the cabinet are the power-handling enclosures. The right one of these swings out and provides DC for the electronics within the cabinet. Five circuit breakers are mounted on the outside side; two are labeled +/- 15 V and one is labeled +5 volt. There is also a toggle switch labeled "ALARM/OVERRIDE." There is a large filter on the lower inside of this unit, and a large vent on the top. Eight heavy flat cables lead to the card racks.

At the bottom rear of the enclosure is a power distribution box that has, from left to right, a single convenience outlet and a 2 A fuse holder; three pole breaker labeled "MAIN POWER"; two three pole breakers labeled "DRIVE BANK 1" and "DRIVE BANK 2"; a toggle switch labeled "LOCAL/REMOTE"; two push buttons labeled "ON" and "OFF"; two circuit breakers labeled "CONVENIENCE" and "INTERFACE"; and a "POWER ON" indicator. On the back of this box are eight 4-pin connectors to supply power to the external drives; three molex-type connectors; and two male blade connectors. On the top right of this box there are four molex-type connectors. On the left above the power distribution box there is another rectangular box with no external connections. A label is attached to this box labeled "POWER SUPPLY PROCEDURES." A large power cable exits from the back left side of the power distribution box and terminates with a large keyed four contact male connector.

The object is a Storage Technology controller mounted inside a DEC TX02-C cabinet.


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Model number 3800 Written on a metal tag riveted on the lower left of the back door.
Model number TX02-C Printed on a sticker attached to the back, and also on a tag attached to the the object by a string
Other number C41 or 3800 Written on a provenance tag attached to the object
Other number KL10 10/1 Handwritten in marker pen on a piece of masking tape stuck to the left side of the switch panel on top of the cabinet.


overall: 66 in x 31 in x 31 in


Memory & storage


Gift of Compaq Computer Corporation

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