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ATM CCA printer control board

Catalog Number



Physical object

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Model number 49-003886-000A Printed on the right side and bottom front of the circuit board.
Serial number 963H Handwritten next to the printed "S/N" on the bottom of the board.


overall: 2 3/8 in x 13 7/8 in x 9 1/4 in


This record contains one ATM CCA printer control board. The circuit board is lodged into a metal frame, and on top a black cover is screwed on. The circuit board has one cable attached to it. There are also 2 connectors plugged in without cables attached. There are several plastic clamps attached on the outside that are supposed to hold ribbon cables in place (but there are no ribbon cables on this object). The circuit board has a button on the side that is labeled as a "paper advance switch." There are 3 edge connectors. There is a caution sticker on top of the black cover.


Component/circuit board