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IBM Type 29 card punch/key punch

Catalog Number



Physical object


This unit has a particle board desk with the QWERTY keyboard positioned on the right side. There are 6 toggle switches above the keys with labels such as "Auto Skip Dup" and "Auto Feed." The card feeder is on the right-hand side. The card feeds from right to left. There is a program control drum in the center behind a window. The cards accumulate on the left side in a stacker. There is a chad bin under the desk. The control electronics is all relays.


ca. 1968


IBM Corporation

Identifying Numbers

Model number 029 On a sign on the front of the unit.
Other number 40652 On a stick-on label on the upper right corner; labeled "CMU."
Other number PT915 Stamped on a foil label behind the chad bin.
Serial number N4625 Stamped on a foil label behind the chad bin.


overall: 38 in x 35 7/8 in x 29 1/2 in


I/O/punched card device