Artifact Details


IBM type 526 printing summary punch

Catalog Number



Physical object


International Business Machines (IBM)

Place Manufactured

Armonk, N.Y.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 526 Label on card feed and on foil label inside.
Other number 12640 Written in black marker on card feed mechanism.
Other number 3781317 LLNL barcode on card feed.
Other number S2 02-1 Foil label on right side panel.
Serial number 12640 Foil label on right side panel.


overall: 38 in x 31 1/2 in x 29 in


Object is a basic 026 keypunch with the usual card feed mechanism, printing head, control drum, and keyboard with four switches. In addition it has a plugboard that mounts in the lower left side. On the rear right corner is a toggle switch (clearly a local modification) with handwritten labels of "Routine Counting System" for the up position and "PDP-8 + Card Punch" for the down position.

Found inside the left side of the machine were a wiring diagram, a Field Engineering Maintenance manual, and a Type 526 Parts Catalog (sent to archives).


I/O/punched card device


Gift of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

Lot Number