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DEC system 2020

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Physical object


The object is a computer system consisting of multiple components, including a CPU, a power supply, and a paper tape reader/punch. The object is divided into three sections: the middle section (accessible on the front through a large metal door) is the CPU, and the left-hand section is the paper tape reader/punch. The right-hand section is also accessible through a large metal door, which is locked. The back of the object also provides access to the components through grillework doors, one of which is missing. A large, black sticker attached to the front of the object reads "CI 0 Node." Also attached to the front of the object is a piece of paper containing information about hardware problem reporting. A sticker attached to the front reads "1 of 1 MU-SEOM2-20 DECSYSTEM2020." A number of move tickets are attached to the object in various places. Attached on the inside of the object are a number of ribbon and coaxial cables. Plastic bags attached to the object contain extra castors and paper tape stock.




Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Serial number 4097 Printed on various paper labels attached to the front of the object
Serial number 4134 Printed on a paper label attached to the front of the object


overall: 60 1/2 in x 81 in x 30 in


Digital computer/mainframe


Gift of Compaq Computer Corporation

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