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7615 Card punch control (IBM Stretch)

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Physical object


Object is a box containing seven of the swing-out logic gates standard to Stretch. Position of the eighth gate is occupied by a power supply panel. On the top, a pair of doors open to reveal a complex control panel. The panel has large buttons and indicators for power on/off and ENABLE. There is a rotary switch with positions for several different voltages and jacks for a meter. There is a 18 x 7 array of pilot lights for logic functions such as "K Ring," "8 BIT REGISTER," "X Ring," "Y Ring," "BUFF CONTROL," "VERT POS ENC," "12 BIT REGISTER," "CB TIMER CONTROL," "HEAD TRIG." Below these are 23 toggle switches and 4 pushbuttons. One set of 4 toggles is marked "INSTRUCTIONS", one set of 9 is marked "BIT SWITCHES", and many single function switches.


International Business Machines (IBM)

Identifying Numbers

Model number 7615 On "incident report" forms inside and on shipping label outside.


overall: 32 3/4 in x 29 in x 33 3/4 in


I/O/punched card device


Gift of Lowell Wood

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