Artifact Details


Teletype model 33TU

Catalog Number



Physical object


Teletype Corporation

Identifying Numbers

Model number 33TU Stamped on a manufacturer's label on the back of the unit.
Other number 323A Printed on a red UL label on the back of the unit, right side.


overall: 32 3/4 in x 21 3/8 in x 18 1/2 in


The object is a teletype terminal attached to a stand. The QWERTY keyboard labels are in English. Example key labels are BELL, BREAK, TAPE, HERE IS, and RUB OUT. Above the keyboard is the ribbon and behind is space for the paper roll. On the left side there is a paper tape reel, punch, and reader. On the front below and to the right of the keyboard is a rotary switch with labels "LINE," "OFF," AND "LOCAL."
A Digital Equipment Corp paper label on the back of the unit reads "Digital Equipment Corporation / Attn: DECUS, Booth 14 - Hill Palmer / C/O New Orleans Convention Center / 300 Convention Center Blvd. / New Orleans, LA 70130." This label is layered on top of a larger paper label with "PDPA" in large letters at the top.