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Mercury vapor half-wave rectifier type 8008

Catalog Number



Physical object



Place Manufactured

U. S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 8008 Printed in silver ink around the glass envelope.
Other number 4-21-58600 REC 5 V4-4 Written vertically in green ink on the glass envelope.
Other number 57-22 Printed in tiny black ink toward the bottom of the metal base.
Other number XX277 Written in green ink around the glass envelope near the base.


overall: 8 3/8 in x 2 1/4 in x 2 1/4 in


This object is a mercury half-wave rectifier within a glass envelope with a large-metal-shell super-jumbo four-pin bayonet base and a cap for the plate at the opposite end. The circumference of the base is metal, with a ceramic bottom through which the pins project. There is a small protrusion on the side of the base positioned between pins 2 and 3. At a mercury vapor temperature of 20 to 60 degrees C, the tube is rated at 5000 V forward voltage at 5 A maximum peak current.