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Monsoon prototype board (MIT)

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Augat, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Other number .2TG Stamped on the short edge of the board.
Other number 62 4785 Stamped in black ink on the short edge of the board.
Part number 8136-HPG24 Printed in white ink on the short edge of the board; this is Augat's part number.


overall: 7/8 in x 14 7/8 in x 11 5/8 in


This object is a DIP wirewrap prototype board, about two-thirds of which is populated with 14- to 24-pin DIP packages and a small number of capacitors, resistors, and jumpers. Two extraction handles are mounted at the ends of the front edge. Blue, red, white, and black wires are used on the wire-wrap pins. Three 96-pin plugs line the back of the board, and two 40-pin and two 50-pin double row header connectors are arranged along the front edge. Only the header pins are used as input/output connections. This board was part of the MIT project led by Professor Arvind to build the Monsoon data flow multiprocessor.


Component/circuit board

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