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AM Varityper

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Physical object


AM International

Identifying Numbers

Model number 3510 Name plate affixed to a front panel on the main cabinet.
Model number 504 Found on a name plate afixed to the disc drive.
Other number 025412278-A Barcode number for NorthAmerican logistics affixed to the top of the disc drive.
Other number 102624273 Depricated CHM number affixed to the bottom right corner at the back.
Other number 504H Located on an information tag on the side of the diskette drive
Serial number 7316 Located on an information tag on the side of the diskette drive.


overall: 41 1/4 in x 51 in x 26 1/4 in


The record contains a desk unit with two panels on the back and four panels on the front. One front panel is door, which reveals paper/ film loading instructions. Another panel contains an amp 202135-2 female connector, and an F1 10 AMP fuse, an on/off switch, and an orange button. On the table section of the desk unit there is a diskette drive and a brown box. Thet box has metal latches and two black release buttons to remove it from the desk. Inside the box are four anti-static curles.Underneath the box, visible when the box is removed, is a long slit-opening, which provides access to the paper/ film cassette below. There is also a number counter, which is currently at "0582/3".




Gift of Tom Kleinschmidt

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