Artifact Details


IBM 7535

Catalog Number



Physical object




International Business Machines (IBM)

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Other number 329920 E.C. number found on a label on the back.
Other number 4751384 Part number found on a label on the back.
Other number 5 Stamped in the top right corner of the door
Other number 5-5 Stamped on the top right left corner of the right side
Other number 7535-A02 Type number found on a label at the back
Serial number 10036 Found on a label on the back


overall: 35 in x 17 1/2 in x 15 3/4 in


The record contains a cabinet with a hinged metal door. The top left corner of the door has an IBM name plate. The top left corner has a "power on" red indicator light. The also has a push button handle with a lever for opening. At the bottom there are four spots for either feet of wheels. At the top there are two gold rings on the left side of the machine. side of the machine is an on/off switch that sits in an orange indented section. At the back there is a section where a cord comes out terminating in a standard three pronged American wall plug. There are four round female connectors of various sizes with screw threading. There is also a D connector. On either side of the machine there is venting. Inside the cabinet there are circuit boards with various components. There are also two Servopak boxes as well as a PS1101 SHINDENGEN box, a fan, and transformers.