Artifact Details


Burroughs L5000 visible record computer

Catalog Number



Physical object


ca. 1973


Burroughs Corporation

Place Manufactured

Plymouth, Mich.

Identifying Numbers

Model number L5000 On a sign affixed to the front of the unit.


overall: 44 1/2 in x 57 1/2 in x 29 1/2 in


This unit is a Burroughs L5000 computer for accounting. There is a paper handler at the top with dials for adjustment on either side, a scale for measuring the paper, and sprockets slides for adjusting the fanfold paper. There is a Selectric ball for typing. Taped to the cover over the typing mechanism are 4 paper lists, labeled "Field No.," "A/R," "Inventory Stripe," and no title. Below that is a panel with 2 white push buttons and a row of 37 multi-colored indicator lights. Below them is a QWERTY keyboard and a purple number pad and a row of blue function keys. There are green Dymo labels around the keys. The labels near the function keys read "PK'S." The others read "OCK'S." A paper rack has been detached from the machine and is stored separately beneath the machine.


Digital computer/mainframe