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CompuPro computer System

Catalog Number



Physical object


ca. 1982



Identifying Numbers

Other number 439984 NASA asset number found on the third box
Other number 527029 NASA asset number found on a metal tag on the first box
Other number 527030 NASA asset number found on the second box
Other number 92 Found on a round sicker on earch of the drives/ drawers
Serial number 10098 Found on two of the boxes at the back of the desk


overall: 60 in x 36 in x 28 in


The record contians a desk. With three boxes on the right side. The top and bottom box contain floppy disk drives. The top two have thee round stickers in the bottom left corner, which are white, blue and turquoise. The center box has a blue sticker dot in the bottom left corner and says, "CompuPro." It also handles on each side. Next to the handle on the right is a reset button and an on/off switch. Inside is a CPU. Each board has heat sink regulators. Each box has a NASA asset tag on the front as well as a yellow tag reading, "IF THIS EQUIP. IS MOVED CONTACT THE EQUIP. SPEC...."


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop