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WISC program logic plug board cabinet

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Physical object

Identifying Numbers

Other number X1031.90 Printed on a label in the lower right corner of the back of the cabinet.


overall: 36 5/8 in x 24 1/4 in x 17 1/2 in


This object is a black cabinet with hammertone finish, a missing door in the rear, mounting holes for 19" rack-mount equipment on the front, and six horizontal vent holes on each side.

A half-wide panel labeled "FILAMENT SUPPLY" is mounted in the upper right corner of the front; a 0- to 10-volt AC meter, a variable autotransformer, and two test banana jacks are mounted thereon.

A half-width section of phenolic board on which are mounted orderly rows and columns of banana jacks are mounted on the left side of the front. To the right of this are two metal panels. The top of these has two rows of 4 rotary switches each and 8 banana jacks between the rows. The lower of these panels has a row of 4 2- or 3-position lever switches, below which is a rotary switch, a lever switch, and two pairs of banana jacks.

A full-width section of phenolic is below this that also holds rows and columns of banana jacks, and five toggle switches in the upper right corner.

Below this are two half-width metal panels holding black and orange groups of banana jacks with legends describing each group.

Along the bottom of the cabinet are three fuse holders, two toggle switches, and a pilot lamp mounted in a row.

Inside at about the center of the depth of the cabinet are four horizontal cross-members between which three rows of phenolic boards that each hold a matrix of three columns of 12 of banana jacks. These provide three rows of 10 sockets for vacuum tube modules that hold six tubes each. The top row has two modules, the middle row has six modules, and the bottom row has nine modules. The middle row has four unused 'connectors,' and the bottom row has one. The outlet of two fans is mounted below the array of vacuum tube modules.

A lamp cord that passes through a block of wood enters a hole in the top of the cabinet and is terminated with ceramic lamp socket. Three 86" wires pass through a rubber grommet in the lower left corner of the back of the panel and form a crude cable that is wrapped with electrical tape at several locations and end in an unusual plug configuration with three prongs and that is rated 10 A at 250 V and 15 A at 125 V.


Memory & storage/connector / plugboard