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Travelers cheque scanner

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This object is desk-shaped, with the majority of it being made of metal. The top portion displays a collection of pulley and belt assemblies and is covered by three Plexi-glass covers. The left and right side panels open fully on hinges. Behind the left door is a counter that reads "Month 01, Day 01, Year 99". The door-latches on the left-side no longer function. The central control panel is comprised of a "power on" jeweled-light, three larger black buttons that read "motors on, start feed, and clear punch"; two larger red buttons that read "motors off, stop feed"; a small red button flanked by "counter reset"; and four black dials with a single digit number display above each that are labeled "batch number." The main power switch is located on the inner-left panel of the machine, as is an elongated fold-down access panel with five silver tone toggle switches behind it. The right-side panel door opens to display a collection of circuit boards, the machine power cord, and what appears to be a vacuum-system. Six small lamps and a toggle switch run along a vertical support near the boards.

A 5 Lire Marca da Bollo stamp was found inside the machine when the back palnel was removed.


circa 1956

Identifying Numbers

Other number 04081 Number displayed on small counter behind panel door, left side of machine
Other number S5210 Located on metal tag of 'CLEVITE' component, top-left
Other number S5211 Located on metal tag of 'CLEVITE' component, top-right
Serial number CQ 4895 Located on motor, located behind the left, side panel door


overall: 36 1/2 in x 57 1/8 in x 30 1/2 in


Fixed-application digital computer/other


Gift of the Bank of America Historical Collection

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