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ILLIAC IV hard disk drive

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Burroughs Corporation

Place Manufactured

West Lake Village, Calif., U.S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 2010 1531 Incised in a metal Burroughs label on the top of the control panel.
Serial number B00003 012 Incised in a metal Burroughs label on the top of the control panel.


overall: 44 in x 50 in x 15 in


This ILLIAC IV hard drive is a large black circular disk unit positioned vertically on a black metal base. It was made by Burroughs and the platter is approximately 36 inches in diameter. At one side of the edge of the disk unit is a panel with 3 pressure gauges marked from 0 to 60. Beneath each gauge is a control knob and beneath each knob is "Zone 1," "Zone 2," or "Zone 3." Below this is a small counter. At the bottom of the panel is an exhaust fan. To the right of the fan is an air filter. Near the top of the circular unit is a window inserted at the edge which gives a view of the edge of the platter itself. There is a head assembly on each side of the disk. Flat cables connect each of the 32 heads to external cables. Air from the pressure gauges is connected to manifolds which distributes the air into the head assembly. A 1 HP electric motor drives the disk through a belt assembly.


Memory & storage/disk


Gift of NASA Ames Research Center

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