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SDS SX50 reference voltage regulator module

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Scientific Data Systems (SDS)

Identifying Numbers

Model number SX50 Printed in black ink at the top of the extraction handle.
Other number 107345E Stamped in black ink on the circuit side of the module.
Serial number 9591213 Printed vertically in black ink on the extraction handle of the module.


overall: 6 in x 7/8 in x 5 5/8 in


This module is a PCB intended to be inserted in a card cage. There is an extraction handle attached to the front of the card, on which a paper label containing the model number, serial number, and other information is printed.

Opposite the handle there are 47 bifurcated gold-plated contacts arranged in two rows. Mounted on the component side of the PCB are the active and passive components consisting of resistors, capacitors,diodes, transistors, and jumpers. There are three small rotary trim potentiometers mounted on the board, as well as a fuse. A U-shaped heat sink fashioned of heavy metal is mounted on the edge of the board near the extraction handle and has a transistor mounted on one end and a two-lead voltage regulator mounted to the other. A large sub-module that covers most of the surface of the PCB is mounted close to the card edge contacts. This module is twice the width of a standard module.

The card has various quality control stamps on one or both sides of the PCB.




Gift of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

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