Artifact Details


Dectape cabinet

Catalog Number



Physical object


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 6094 DEC asset tag inside right rear door


overall: 69 1/2 in x 41 3/4 in x 27 11/16 in


Object is a large two-bay metal cabinet. The right bay is occupied by two Dectape 55 units with their logic modules. The left bay is empty except for a power supply. A number of ribbon cables with paddle connectors are loose in the left bay, suggesting that some other unit such as a CPU might have been removed.

Attached to one panel was a DEC "Interplant bill of lading" dated 9/9/83, with "FROM Bill Boudette, Northboro 5" and "TO: Joe McGee Property Disposal Ctr, 7 Craig Rd, Acton Mass." and "Description of goods: SCRAP PDP 8 SYSTEM TO BE HELD FOR HENRY CROUSE"


Memory & storage/disk