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38503 Cartridge transport mechanism

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Physical object


Control Data Corporation (CDC)


overall: 71 1/2 in x 9 in x 9 in


This object is the cartridge transport mechanism from a CDC 38503 Cartridge Storage Unit (CSU). It includes a pair of vertical steel rods. The bottoms of the rods are attached to a lower bracket which is attached to a shoe which slides along the lower transport rail. The lower bracket also supports a toothed pulley which slides along the splined power shaft. The top of the vertical rods are attached to an upper bracket with two rollers which grip the upper transport rail. The upper bracket also supports a toothed pulley. The upper and lower brackets have plates which can attach them to large toothed belts in the main 38503 box. These belts move the transport mechanism from side to side.

A carriage moves up and down on the vertical rods. A toothed belt goes around the toothed pulleys on the upper and lower brackets. In this way, turning the splined shaft moves the carriage up and down. The carriage contains a mechanism which can remove or insert CDC 38500 cartridges from the honeycomb storage bins.


Memory & storage/tape