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Buffer Processor 7

Catalog Number



Physical object



Identifying Numbers

Other number 1900 Type number located on the inside frame on the back.
Other number 1901 Type number located on a component on the inside back of the machine.
Other number 4087281-00 Stamped on a component inside the back of the3 machine.
Other number 7 Unit number found on a blue dymo label on the right front door.
Serial number 0103 Located on teh UNIVAC label on a component in the back of the machine.
Serial number 0106 Located on the inside frame on the back.


overall: 81 in x 47 1/8 in x 26 in


The unit is a buffer processor 7 there are two front door panels. The left door is a two paneled accordion door and the right is a single panel that hinges open to the right. The right door have an opening toward to the top, which opens to reveal buttons and switches. The buttons are labeled and grouped as follows: "Demand Station," "Disconnects'" "Operating Conditions," and "Operating Controls." When the right door is opened it reveals "Buffer Processor II" lights. Below the lights is a card cage with a clear plastic door covering it. There is a metal panel on the plastic door that opens to create a table. To the left, behind the two accordion doors, there is a is a gray metal panel with lights and switches, a paper tape punch, a container for chits, and a large paper holder. Below the door front doors there is a standard American double outlet. At the back of the machine you have door like those on the front. When the door are open you see a "QUANTITY 2 TYPE 8028 TRANSFER SWITCH GSA SCHEDULE XY64." There is also a UNIVAC name plate with serial and type number. To the right of that on the top corner of the machines frame is another paper UNIVAC label.


Digital computer/mainframe