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7600 system cabinet

Catalog Number



Physical object




Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Identifying Numbers

Other number 3307463 LLNL U.S. govt. barecode on the front top of the machine.
Other number 4400 Found at che back along the top and at the front on the boarder.
Other number 47683 S# found on a stantron label
Other number 62
Other number 9352009 Customer PO number on a stantron label on the back.


The record contains a tape robot controller in a Stantron cabinet. The front of the cabinet has two smoked glass doors, framed with a burnt orange boarder. The top panel reads system 4400 and Mach. No. 62. It has an HP 10 277 A Logic analyzer probe interface. At the back there are two doors, which open to reveal Four bays with 32 Micromux line cards each. Each card is connected to a central chassis continaing an LSI-11. At the top of the cabinet at the back there is a sticker reading "4400."


Digital computer/supercomputer