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Cable plug module

Catalog Number



Physical object


c. 1964


Scientific Data Systems (SDS)

Place Manufactured

Santa Monica, CA

Identifying Numbers

Other number 106336B Printed on PC board, solder side near connector and on female pin connector
Other number 107215A Printed on PC board, top component side, labeled as "wire list"
Other number 2B 16 61 console Handwritten on PC board connector handle label in black marker-partially illegible
Other number P1 Printed in black ink on the back of pin connector shell
Part number P901 Printed on PC board connector handle label
Serial number 158312 Printed vertically on PC board connector handle label


overall: 6 in x 302 in x 7/8 in


This is a cable terminated by a PC board connector at one end, a gray plastic female pin connector at the other end, and multi-strand black plastic sheathed cable in between. The PC board connector has 47 gold plated forked contacts wired to 30 shielded wires. The connector has 2 keying slots.

The pin connector has a gray plastic shell with a holdown screw. It has holes for 38 connections, of which 31 are populated.
The PC board connector has an aluminum shell with a green plastic covering glued on.




Gift of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

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