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TV display for PDP-6

Catalog Number



Physical object


ca. 1967


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Model number CC301 Model number for the display controller, printed on a label attached to the front
Other number 00161876 “Computer controller” found a green label
Other number 14304201 Attached to a tag on the back of the controller
Other number 211312895920-02 Found on the green label
Other number 93.909.01 Found on the top left corner of the 301 display controller
Other number H911 On a mounting panel
Part number 728 A part number associated with DEC equipment
Serial number 784319931 Handwritten


overall: 69 in x 21 in x 28 in


This unit was part of the PDP-6 system at Stanford's Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL) spearheaded by John McCarthy and Lester D. "Les" Earnest . It is the only part of that system known to still exist. The object's top section is a backplane made by DEC. The middle section is a model 301 display controller by Computer Communications, Inc., and the bottom part is a radial multiplexor converter. The display controller has a property tag from the US Department of Energy/Lawrence Livermore Lab (DOE/LLL).