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Other number Johnniac Written with black marker on one side of the object.


overall: 7/8 in x 4 in x 6 11/16 in


This object consists of a 1/2" thick piece of metal machined along its width about 2.25" from one end to reduce the thickness to about 5/16". A threaded blind hole is tapped in the center of the width in the thick section close to the end of the metal. Another threaded blind hole is tapped in the center of the thinner section that was machined away. Toward the outside end of the thin section a second piece of metal about 1.25" long, 5/8" wide, and 3/8" thick is mounted to the first piece with two bolts. The side opposite the machined side has two V-shaped groves machined in the surface along the wide dimension that loop around the narrow end of the piece. This side is polished.




Transferred from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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