Artifact Details


F5000 dual printer accounting machine

Catalog Number



Physical object


Burroughs Corporation

Place Manufactured

Detroit, Mich.

Identifying Numbers

Model number F5000 Label on back


overall: 14 in x 31 1/2 in x 26 1/2 in


Object is an accounting machine. At two points it has the word "Sensimatic", unknown if that is a model or series name, or just a feature. The keyboard offers 10 columns of digit keys 1-9 in the center. On the left is a column of month-abbreviation keys ("JAN", "FEB" etc), then a column for entering days of the month, 1-9 plus 10, 20 and 30. Next are two columns for entering common percent and digit values and a number of two-letter function abbreviations. On the right are some miscellaneous large function keys.

The machine has two banks of printing elements, columns that rise to position letters behind a ribbon to print on the platen. Based on a sample sheet that was in the machine (bagged and attached) it can print digits, commas, dollar-signs, and the three-letter abbreviations of the months ("JAN" and "SEP" are visible on the sample). One sheet that was found under the platen has a table like a file listing ("*.BAS") with full alphanumeric, but this was probably scrap paper from a computer printer being re-used for testing.