Artifact Details


Forms handling device

Catalog Number



Physical object


Standard Register Company

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Model number 59190 Metal label inside left panel
Other number 033716 Red label top right corner
Other number 109 Dymo label rear lower left
Serial number 9093-5692 Metal label inside left panel


overall: 20 3/4 in x 30 in x 24 in


Object is a device for handling and splitting or cutting forms. At the front is a rack for holding paper. Paper moves up under a bar labeled "Curostat(?) static eliminator SE104". Then comes a set of rubber rollers working against a wide rubber platen. Next comes a set of rollers in which the bottom axle has knurled wheels and toothed forms tractor wheels, and the upper axle has rubber rollers. Above this is a bar carrying two small cutter wheels that can be position to slit the forms at any two points.

A square metal panel has been zip-tied to the front, it is not clear where it would fit. A bag of small parts including a possible handle and some washers and a rubber caster is zip-tied to the front.

The main label showing "Standard Register Co" is inside the left cover. Below the forms path is a motor with a motor controller box labeled "HERBERT" and there is what may be a "HERBERT" property tag on the static eliminator bar.


Miscellaneous/typewriters & printer parts