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M40 Internet backbone router

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Physical object


Juniper Networks

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Identifying Numbers

Model number M40 Printed on the front panel in the top right corner.
Other number 11229 Printed on a Juniper Networks barcode that is affixed to front right side of the metal frame.
Other number 13990 Printed on a Juniper Networks barcode that is affixed to the top of the front panel.
Other number IPC320WEAA Printed on a white barcode label that is affixed to the back right side of the machine.
Serial number 00190 Printed on a metal label stuck on the right side of the machine at the top right corner.


overall: 35 in x 17 1/2 in x 26 1/2 in


The record contains a metal frame with a manufacturers name plate screwed into the top. Below the manufacturer's name plate is a large opening with a router which is inserted into a printed circuit board that is located in the back of the opening. Below the router is a control panel with several command buttons including several numbered 0-7. There is also an "MDA" display screen and routing engine connectors. Below the control panel is a venting panel with square grating and printed M40 and Juniper logos. At the back of the machine two vent panels one of which has a handle are located at the top. Below the vents is a flat metal plate with two black handles. At the bottom of the metal plate is a 3 inch "Superdisk Drive". Below the metal plate is a fan, on and off switch, a power connector, and a key for removal of fan covering. On the right side of the panel there is a sticker with serial number, inspection stamps, and where made information.




Gift of Juniper Networks

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