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1974-1982; 1990-1996


Charles Babbage Institute (CBI); Computer Information Exchange; Digital Group; National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC); Chicago Area Computer Hobbyist Exchange; IEEE Computer Society; Common Pilot Users Group (CPUG); Community Technology Centers Network; /usr/group; International North Star Users Association; The Computer Hobbyist; Computer Retailers' Association; Independent Computer Consultants Association. Northern California Chapter


Newsletters in these folders include:
C++ Insider, The, 1990 (one issue)
CABS Newsletter, 1979
CACHE Newsletter, 1976
California Common Cause News, 1993-1994
California Liberty, 1994-1995
California Public Broadcasting Commission Newsletter, 1979-1980
Californians ACT, 1993 (one issue)
Cenoaca Newsbits, 1976-1977
Channel, 1976-1980
Charles Babbage Institute Newsletter, 1990
CHICATRUG News (Chicago TRS-80 Users Group), 1981 (one issue)
Clearinghouse, ca. 1975
CNReport, 1977-1978
Common Pilot Users Group (CPUG) Newsletter, 1980 (one issue)
Community Technology Center News & Notes, 1995-1996
commUNIXations, 1981 (one issue)
COMPAL News, 1980-1981
COMPAL Newsletter, 1979-1980
Compass, The, 1980 (one issue)
COMPUTE (Club of Microprocessor Programmers, Users, and Technical Experts), 1976-1978
Bit-Bucket, The, 1975-1976 (filed with COMPUTE)
Computer Digest, 1976-1977
Computer Exchange, The, 1979
Computer Hobbyist, The, 1974-1976
Computer Information Exchange newsletters (2650 Computer User Notes, 1977, one issue; CIE Software News, 1981, one issue; CIE TRS-80 Bulletin, 1978-1979; Computer Hobbyist, The, 1977; Computer Information Exchange Newsletter, undated; Computer Typesetting, Word Processing Letter, 1977, one issue; Low-Cost Word Processing, undated, one issue; S-80 Bulletin and Classified, 1980; S-80 Computing, 1980; TRS-80 Computing, undated)
Computer Marketing Newsletter, 1977-1979
Computer Retailers' Association Notes, 1979
Computerist, The, 1976-1978
Computer-Using Educators Newsletter, 1979
Computing Teacher, The, 1979
Oregon Computing Teacher (filed with Computing Teacher, The), 1978-1979
Computist News, 1982
Consultant, The, 1990-1992
CP/M Newsletter, 1979 (one issue)
CPB Report, 1981
CPSR Newsletter, 1994-1996
Currents, 1996 (one issue)



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Jim C. Warren papers

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Gift of Jim Warren

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